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Hey there! I'm Andrea, but I have a ton of nicknames (Andy, Mattie, Rea, Senpai, Oni-chan, Sam, Dean, Mr. Quackers, Gandalf, etc.) so you can call me whatever really. *shrugs*

I'm usually a pretty laid back person and it's usually pretty difficult to make me angry, but if you do manage to get on my bad side, you'll regret it.

I enjoy watching various anime and horror movies.

My favorite t.v. shows are Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Secret Circle, Black Mirror, Doctor Who, Ghost Adventures, and Naked and Afraid.

I love to read books- mostly horror and fantasy.

I'm pansexual and polyromantic if you want to know.

I enjoy rping Supernatural and different anime.

My two favorite youtubers are Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.

Anything else you want to know about me, just go right on ahead and ask away! I promise I don't bite! :)

My Sisters/Besties: :iconhetaoni123: :iconemilyzaliznock: :iconmadhatters7120:

My Besties/Awesome People Who You Need To Go Watch Right Now: :icontoshirotheknightwolf: :iconphoenixs-moon: :iconfireflyhikari: :iconmrsallenwalker500: :iconwhitewolvestrio: :icontweeterstwin: :iconbelle04tmnt: :iconoctoberway: :iconmolscat: :iconxxxzerostrifexxx: :iconchikachi98: :iconasymmetrical-wings: :icontempy666: :iconanimefreak324: :iconcarolinewildcat:

The totally awesome person who made the amazing pixel divider I've used: :iconangelichellraiser:

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  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Drinking: Sunny D
Okey dokey, so get this-- I'm making a Supernatural blanket out of squares I'll be knitting on my knitting loom and on each square I want to have a different thing relating to Supernatural.  There's going to be a total of 48 tiles, but I need as many ideas as I can get for each one just in case something turns out to be too hard for me to knit.  Here's what I have so far---

1. Devil's Trap
2. Anti-possession
3. Angel Sigil
4. Cas's Handprint
5. KAZ2Y5
6. Pie
7. Pig-n-Poke
8. Carry On My Wayward Son
9. The Impala
10. Moose
11. Squirrel
12. Idjit
13. Bitch
14. Jerk
15. Assbutt
16. I'm Batman
17. Vote Crowley
18. Balls!
19. Hey Jude
20. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.
21. No chick flick moments.
22. Family don't end in blood.
23. Pudding
24. You go Dumbledork.
25. Ruby's knife
26. Dean's pistol
27. The first blade
28. The colt
29. Samulet
30. Peace out bitches
31. Bon Jovi rocks on occasion.
32. Bobby's cap.
33. "Bring me some pie.  I love me some pie!"
34. "Dude, you fugly."
35. Team Free Will
36. Bees
37. "Oh my god, it's him, it's Doctor Sexy."
38. Son of a bitch.
39. So get this
40. You're Bossy and Short - - Are you drunk? - - Yeah! So?
41. I'm Kevin Freakin' Solo
42. I lost my shoe.
43. "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."
44. I'm an angel you ass.
45. I am an angel of the Lord.
47. Awesome
48. It's Tuesday... again!"
49. "Accidents don't just happen accidentally"
50. "Do these tacos taste funny to you?"
51. Pretend he has boobs
52. frowney face
53. deanmon's fluffy hair
54. Heat of the moment
55. The Road So Far (may put this across the top of the blanket or as the first square)
56. Hope your apple pie is freaking worth it.
57. If you fudging touch me one more time I'll fudging kill you.
58. Anti-claus
59. My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women.
60. Dean's blue steel
61. FBI, and on Thursdays we're Teddy Bear Doctors.
62. Non Timebo Mala
63. Are you humming Metallica -- It calms me down.

So yeah... if anyone can come up with anymore suggestions just let me know!  Maybe if I can get enough for 2 blankets, then I'll make 2.


       Staring blankly up at the ceiling as you flopped back on one of the motel beds, you let out a bored sigh.  You had been stuck in this stupid motel room for hours with nothing to do and it was driving you crazy.  Even though you had been traveling with the Winchesters for nearly a month and a half now and despite the fact that they had been teaching you how to fight and defend yourself better, Sam and Dean still didn't want you to go out hunting with them.  No, you hadn't been hunting for very long, but still… how else were you going to learn?  Besides, it’s not like you would be going out on your own like you had been before you ran into the two brothers; or… well… until the two brothers had saved your life.  Still, that wasn't the point.
       Beginning to feel frustrated, you remembered what Dean had said the one night when you got into an argument with him.

       “Look, you’re still new to this and until you’re ready, I’m not going to let you come with us!”  Dean raised his voice as he turned around to face you.
       “You’re not the boss of me, Dean!”  Was your immediate response as you clenched your fists and took a step towards him.  “I’m not a kid, I’m twenty years old and you and Sam have been helping learn more about hunting, so what’s the point in teaching me if you aren't going to let me do it!?”
       “That’s not the point, (y/n)!”  Dean shook his head, but was unable to say anything more as you stepped up to stand directly in front of him, your face only inches from his.
       You’re (e/c) eyes locked with his stunning green gaze as you glared at him.  “Then what the hell is the point?”
       Dean was silent for a brief moment, not once breaking eye contact with you.  Continuing to stare into your eyes, he finally spoke, his voice lacking the harshness it held before.  “The point is I like you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.  Hell, I might even love you.  Do you get it now?”

       “Hell, I might even love you.”
       His words echoes in your mind, making your frustration melt away as a small smile spread across your lips.  When he said that to you that night, you didn't know what to think at first or how to respond until you realized part of the reason why you wanted to hunt with him and Sam so bad was because you hated the moments when he wasn't around.  You realized that, somehow, you had managed to fall in love with him without even knowing it until that moment and since then, you and Dean have only grown closer, not just as friends, but as a couple.
Dean x Reader (cute?)
This is for my bestie/sis :iconhetaoni123:  

This is just the first Dean story for you by the way sissy~~ :plotting: :evillaugh:

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